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Vehicle Bug Sweeping Service

If you have already considered the possibility that either an individual or a company has bugged your home or office, then it is very likely that you will also want to look into vehicle bug sweeping. Cars are an easy option for anyone looking to know your movements.

For people willing to go the extreme lengths to gather data, your car can be an essential piece of the puzzle. When you drive, you are often having important conversations, or heading to locations that might be relevant to someone who has bugged your home or office.

Why would someone bug my vehicle?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself the victim of vehicle bugging. If you are someone who suspects their business has been the subject of bugging, then your vehicle is the natural next target. Competitors may bug your car, whether you are driving or being driven, to hear the confidential conversations that take place on your journeys.

If you suspect that your home has been bugged, or that you are in a relationship with a possessive partner, then it is possible that your car has been bugged in order to track your movements – this may also be the case if you have separated from a partner recently. Even dating can lead to a bug being planted by a potential romantic partner – something which has only grown with the popularity of online dating.

Should you have a company car, it is not unheard of for your employer to place a bug and tracker on your car so that they can both trace your movements and hear any conversations that are occurring.

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What is the difference between a bug and a tracker?

When we sweep a vehicle, we will be searching for a combination of a bugs and vehicle trackers. A bug allows the person who planted it to listen in on your conversations, while the tracker will let them see where you are, where you have been, and even the speed you have gone. This can be useful information for suspicious employers, or those simply wishing to ensure that their vehicles are being driven responsibly. Some trackers may even be able to alert the person when a vehicle has left a certain area. Sometimes these units will be installed separately, but they can be found as a combination surveillance bug and vehicle tracker.

Vehicle tracking is easy, as a unit can be deployed using magnets – anyone can simply stick a tracker to the underside of a car, and these units can remain for many weeks or months without you being any the wiser.

Bug sweeping a vehicle

No matter what make and model of vehicle you drive, you may find that it has been bugged. These can be hard to detect. Bugs can be fitted inside your vehicle if the person who does so has this level of access without setting off an alarm.

When we sweep your vehicle, we will perform an extensive search to be on the safe side, even if you do not believe anyone has had access to the inside of the vehicle itself. We will search both the inside and outside of the vehicle, physically and using our equipment, in order to locate and disable the bug, removing it so that you can once again drive without being watched or listened to.

Once we have established the presence of bugs and removed them, we will provide a report to illustrate what has been discovered, so you can choose how to proceed and potentially understand or go on to discover who was responsible for placing the bugs.

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