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You may not like to imagine that your home could be the subject of bugging, but this is a growing phenomenon. It is easy for an individual to place a listening device or even a video recording device in your home. While this can make you feel very threatening, uncomfortable, and even unsafe in your own home, we are here to help.

We have helped many people find hidden bugs in their homes, working with them so that they can get to the bottom of who has placed the bug and feel secure in their homes again. If you feel as though you are being watched in your home, you don’t have to live in fear – we can help.

Who might place a bug in your home?

It may be difficult to think about who might have placed a bug in your home. In some cases, the person and their reasoning may not be obvious – bugs can be placed by family members or friends who have motives that can be difficult to understand. However, in other cases a recent ex-partner or even current partner may have placed a bug in order to check up on what you are doing or to keep an eye on you when they are not there. They may even be gathering information on you in order to use this during court proceedings, for example if you are having a dispute over money, divorcing, or going through a custody battle.

In different circumstances, sometimes bugs have been placed by landlords or companies in order to watch tenants or private residents, and perhaps a bug has even been placed by an investigative body. A audio or video recording device in your home can be the most invasive and frightening thing for you to experience, even if damaging information about you is not exposed. This is not legal and you have the right to counter surveillance. No matter who has placed it or why, you should never live with the possibility of being watched or listened to in your home.

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Where might a bug be planted?

Unfortunately, it is very easy for a bug to be planted in a private residence. While you may imagine that you know all the ins and outs of your home, spying devices can be very small and inconspicuous. Couple that with an extensive battery life or even a hard wired device that’s tapped into a separate power supply, and a bug could be in your house for weeks or months without you knowing, all the while gathering information about you, and disrupting the privacy of your home life.

While you might feel paranoid or like you are blowing things out of proportion, the truth is that with the ease of purchasing bugs and the ease of hiding them, one being in your home is more likely than you think. You might find a bug hidden in your power sockets, in a plant pot, or somewhere like on your TV or on a bookshelf. Of course, spying devices might also be hidden in plain sight – one could be hidden in that new ornament you were gifted, in the frame of a mirror, or even in the classic “nanny cam”. Whether planted by an amateur or an expert, bugs can take many forms, so finding them all is really a job for a professional.

What happens during a bug sweep

It might be upsetting to even consider having a bug sweep of your property, but rest assured that we take every measure to make sure you are comfortable while we carry out our work. A full bug sweep will include 2,3,4 and 5G analysis, RF, WIFI and Bluetooth analysis. NLJD search. Thermal imaging search. Forensic lighting search. Lens finder search. As well as an in depth physical search.

Your walls, ceilings, sockets, telephones and all other areas of your home, as we go room by room systematically to check for bugs. We can also conduct forensic alalysis on your own devices, such as your laptop, computer and mobile phone – yes, even your iPhone could be home to a bug.

This process can take several hours and sometimes days, but we are very flexible about when we carry out the bug sweep, to ensure your safety and discretion. These are extremely delicate circumstances, often with personal relationships involved, and we will work to make sure that our sweep can be as extensive as it needs to be to make sure you feel happy in your home again.

Once the bug sweep is concluded, we will remove any bugs that we have detected and provide you with a written report of our findings. Hopefully, a bug sweep such as this will help you to rest assured that you have done everything to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

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