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A selection of our most frequently asked questions about bug sweeping. For all other queries, please contact us.

Costs for bug sweeping depend on the specific situation, but at all stages our prices are fair, transparent, and explained to you in the most careful manner possible. If you have any questions about costs, please ask. To give an overview, our prices are based on our use of top of the line equipment which have been designed to detect all manner of surveillance devices, whether they are transmitting or not at the time of the sweep.

Our team will be able to remove the bugs located, with the entire process usually taking a few hours. Our prices begin at £600 for a vehicle sweep. £800 – £1200 for a flat and small office. £1200+ for a house and large size office. so get in touch with us for a bespoke quote based on your circumstances and the size of the sweep we will need to carry out.

While it might be unsettling to think bugs may have been placed on your property, it can be even more nerve-wracking to call in the professionals who uncover this. You don’t want anyone to know that you have potentially realised that you have been bugged until you have concrete proof. We work with the utmost discretion, day or night, and have an unobtrusive presence. We have un marked vehicles and clothing.

It may not be discreet or convenient to have a bug sweep performed in the middle of the day, especially in a working environment – so we can come out to you on a 24/7 basis, allowing us to work whenever is best for you. Whether you are in an office or private residence, we can fit our sweep to suit you and provide the highest level of discretion.

National Bug Sweeping is based in London, though we provide the same excellent service across the UK. Get in touch to see how quickly we could come to your location and for more details on specific costs.

We are able to provide a report for you which will detail our findings, along with potential sources of the bugs. In some cases, it may be fairly straightforward to discover where the bugs were manufactured and who has used them. In other cases, the results may be more vague – this is dependent on your unique situation.

It can be one of the most upsetting prospects – someone has planted a bug in your home. You may wonder why they would do that, and the truth is that the reasons can be vast. Perhaps your landlord has planted a bug to “keep an eye on you” or a partner or family member wants to see or hear “what you’re up to”. Unwanted surveillance systems are becoming more and more common due to increasing awareness and availability, so it is imperative to protect your most precious assets, such as your home and family.

If you have had a recent breakup or difficult familial relationship, or you are just feeling uneasy in your own space – it might be worth investigating whether your home has been bugged.

Offices are one of the most common places where a bug might be planted. Corporate espionage can be common, with employees placing bugs to gather information which they can then sell to competitors or even the press. It is also not unusual for employees who are unhappy at work to do this in order to prove a point. Bugs can even be placed by competitors themselves, or by employers seeking to watch over their employees. Whatever level you work at, it is always worth checking to see whether you are working in a secure environment.

Due to recent and ongoing advances in technology, planting a bug has never been easier. They can be so small that they are incredibly hard to detect, especially in busy environments where things are often changing. Bugging devices can be easily placed into a computer mouse, a telephone, a socket, and even in the IT system of your workplace itself by someone with the right skills. Something you see every day, such as a pen or an ornament, could house a bug. A bug can even be disguised as something you use frequently. Planting and monitoring a bug is easier than ever, so being aware of them is vital for your security, wherever you are.

Vehicle bugging is mainly done using GSM devices, which do not suffer from the issue of having a limited scope. A tracker can even be placed easily underneath your vehicle to keep track of where you are going. Anyone can do this discreetly, so you may find this happening either in your personal life or your professional life – it is not uncommon for this to be a way for employers to track their employee use of a company vehicle.

In the past, bugs may have been easier to detect – they were bulkier and more obvious to the naked eye. Nowadays, with so many advancements in technology, you might be at a loss to find bugging devices that have been placed more subtly. While it may be obvious to you if a new clock suddenly appears in your place of work, it can be harder to locate devices placed in phones and sockets, and even walls and ceilings. It is best to leave this level of counter surveillance to the professionals to be certain that you have found every bug on your property.

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